Bill Bulaga
Bill graduated from the University of Wisconson-Platteville with a B.S. in Business & Minor in Finance. Bill was a collegiate baseball player at UWP and received First Team honors. His fifteen-year career as a successful commodity futures trader has allowed him to bring his business background to Real Estate and still help his high net worth clientele. Negotiating with high net worth individuals and creating meaningful relationships is what he has been doing since age sixteen. Bill knows exactly what it takes to develop and maintain long term relationships through quality customer service and attention to detail. Knowing that he has always had a passion for real estate, Bill started his real estate career at a small firm and has now made his way into the luxury market. Specializing in price optimization, customer service, and networking. An Illinois native, Bill’s passion for the outdoors, hiking, golf, and year round beautiful weather brought him to Arizona in 13'.