5 Celebrities That Live in Scottsdale, AZ

5 Celebrities That Live in Scottsdale, AZ

With the rise of beautiful multi-million-dollar homes and upscale appearances of Scottsdale, the communities have been home to many professional athletes, musicians and B-list celebrities over the past years. Scottsdale isn’t just a haven for stunning desert landscapes and world-class golf courses. It’s also a magnet for celebrities seeking a luxurious escape or a place to call home. From Hollywood heavyweights to sporting legends, the list of famous faces who have graced Scottsdale’s streets is surprisingly long and diverse. Today, we peek behind the curtain and explore some of the notable names that have added their stardust to the Sonoran sky.

Mike Tyson

celebrities that live in scottsdale az

Credit: Rolling Stone

The former heavyweight boxing champion sold his home in Paradise Valley home in 2007 for $2.339 million. Two years after he bought a mountainside home for $2.1 million. Tyson has frequented many local hangouts in Scottsdale.

Alice Cooper

Credit: NPR

Alice Cooper has owned a home in Paradise Valley for over three decades. The rocker, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is a graduate of Cortez High School in Phoenix.

David Ellefson

Credit: No Treble

David Ellefson is a founding member of the heavy-metal band Megadeth.  Ellefson resides in the city of Scottsdale along with his family. The heavy-metal band disbanded in 2002. Ellefson has been known to occasionally play at Sunday church services. In 2006, Ellefson and his band, F5, now on hiatus, gave a private performance at Scottsdale’s Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran School. Ellefson later returned to Megadeth.

Emma Stone

Credit: Variety

The star of such films as “”Easy A” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” was born in Scottsdale. She spent a semester at Phoenix Xavier Prep and was home-schooled before making it big in Hollywood.  In 2010, The Republic’s Randy Cordova asked Stone, “How often do you get back to Scottsdale? And what’s your favorite thing to do in the Valley?” She responded, “Not often enough. I try to come home whenever I can. I love it there. To be honest, I mostly hang out at my parents’ house when I’m there and swim and watch movies. I love the Sugar Bowl and the Esplanade, too.”

David Spade

Credit: Improv

David Spade moved to Scottsdale when he was 4. He lived in McCormick Ranch, according to Alexandra Duemer, founder and editor of McCormick Ranch Lifestyle Magazine. Spade earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.
The next time you’re strolling through Scottsdale’s charming streets or exploring its scenic trails, keep your eyes peeled. You might just brush shoulders with a Hollywood star, a sporting legend, or even a literary icon. But remember, the real stars of Scottsdale are the people who make it the special place it is, creating a community that’s both down-to-earth and captivating.

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